Mixtape 2.0

30. Juli 2008

Eine kleine, feine Idee. Und eine simple, aber funktionelle Web-Umsetzung: Muxtape erweckt das gute, alte Mixtape wieder zum Leben. Und rettet die MusiCassette ins 21. Jahrhundert. Oder so ähnlich. Jedenfalls ist es hochinteressant, wer welche 12 Songs zusammenträgt und in welche Reihenfolge bringt. Warum, diese Frage bleibt offen. Oder auch nicht: es ist – oft, gewiss nicht immer – die aktuelle, langjährige, eventuell auch ewige Essenz der eigenen Musikleidenschaft. Und des eigenen Musikhorizonts.

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:

Von: Gröbchen Walter
Datum: 30. Juli 2008 00:07:21 GMT+02:00
An: help@muxtape.com
Betreff: download links

Today you had a big feature on the Austrian radio/television corporation site:

ORF Futurezone/Muxtape

Will cause some traffic, hopefully ;-)

Well, I tried it out – and really like your service. Smart idea. Great fun. And simple functionality. As I’m running my own small label, I didn’t hesitate to upload some upcoming tracks and a few current favorites of our roster. See http://monkeymusic2008.muxtape.com (or just here)

But there’s one little dark spot: if Amazon doesn’t have the rights for digital distribution (which is the case with monkey., my label, for instance) the links for legal MP3 downloads won’t work. Which is rather dull. Is Amazon (I think they don’t do any download business outside the USA, do they?) the only possible source? Why not use/link Apples iTunes store instead? Or Musicload? Or eMusic? (just to name a few)… It would be a GREAT service both for labels/artists and ordinary users/fans of muxtape. And it could be – if you don’t have an exclusive deal with Amazon – a potential source of income for you.

What ya think?

Best from Vienna, Austria

Von: Justin Ouellette
Datum: 30. Juli 2008 00:38:39 GMT+02:00
An: Gröbchen Walter
Betreff: Re: download links

Wow, thanks for letting me know!

Definitely aware of that dark spot. I’ve been talking with eMusic, we’re going to start to linking to them very soon in cases where a track is available from their service. In the future I want anyone at any level to be able to sell their music on Muxtape, from solo artists up through indie labels like yours.

Von: Gröbchen Walter
Datum: 30. Juli 2008 02:03:15 GMT+02:00
An: help@muxtape.com
Betreff: download links

Wow, thanks for your immediate response!

Don’t forget iTunes, they’re by far the biggest store. Maybe Apples policy is a little, hm, restrictive but it seems they know what they do.

Keep on keepin‘ on. Besides: listen & enjoy.

best, WG

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